The Freedom Project is about self-reliance in a world where everything is done for you. It is about lessening my impact on the earth’s resources, feeling connected to the sources of my food and the products and services I use, and supporting the community in which I live. It is all about living every day in a harmonious relationship with my life’s purpose, which I think encompasses the goals of this project.

This is a not a new project. This is an initiative born out of long-held ideals and a way of life I have been working towards for some time. The Freedom Project is a focused attempt to find a kind of personal freedom through my own resourcefulness. TFP website is an expression of my individual quest to live simply and feel whole in this illogical, chaotic modern society.

Here, I hope to share my goals with you and I hope to reflect on the challenges I encounter in my daily attempts to live freely. I am most-certainly-without-a-doubt an Idealist, but I live in the same world you do. I pay rent and bills; I live in a city; I am unsure about my life’s path; and I spend more time in the past and future than the present. These things, I am starting to change. But, as they say in the RW*, some of my long-term goals “may be beyond the scope of this project.”

Most of all, I want to share my successes with you, and I am confident that there will be many, because there already have been. Every time I buy local produce from a farmer, reuse or recycle “garbage,” connect with my community or collaborate with friends, I am participating in this project. One small step for the project means one giant leap towards the life I envision.

Some of my goals include:

  • Minimizing waste as much as possible, by reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Growing my own food – starting a year-round vegetable garden
  • Consuming food that is as local, organic and whole as possible
  • Creating, recreating and sharing useful and beautiful things
  • Doing paid work that satisfies me, preferably part-time and from home
  • Supporting and promoting LOCAL products, services, organizations, etc.
  • Collaborating and communicating with friends, family and community on initiatives related to TFP

Anyone can participate in this project. Our society still allows us a few freedoms, and these are the doors and windows to a larger freedom. Find an entry point. Start your own FP. I’ll keep you company.

I promise to share with you the resources that I find inspiring and useful. Please share your own by leaving a comment on the blog or writing me at thefreedomp@gmail.com.

* Real World, a.k.a. RW, was dubbed so by my mother, who lives more-or-less self-sufficiently in a very small island community on the East Coast of Canada. From her home, situated just meters from the ocean, she literally loses sight of RW on foggy days.

6 responses to “About

  1. Is this a reasonable summary? Because that views the Dark Ages through some very rose-coloured glasses.

  2. Interestingly, Tom Hodgkinson’s book, How to be Free, pushed me to start this blog. I agree with a lot of what he says, but not all. He may occasionally romanticize the Dark Ages, but he is basically pushing for a return to particular medieval values.

    However, I sometimes have trouble distinguishing between his passion and his humor. It is difficult to say how far he believes we should go.

    I plan to write a review of the book on the blog soon.

  3. This is completely inspirational! I’m buying this book today, Margaret. Thanks for the Goodreads heads up and, well, chill. Peace

  4. situationniste

    This is so pleasing – thank you.

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