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Reskilling a Generation

This post is dedicated to the wonderful and wise women in my life – mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends – who have inspired me to nurture a creative life and ensure that their skills are passed on.

My Grandmother and my Neice

My Grandmother and my Neice

I grew up with a very creative and talented mother who grew every imaginable vegetable for our family of five, sewed our clothes when we were young, and made all kinds of our food from scratch, from loaves of bread to ice cream. As a child, I took these skills somewhat for granted, though I did often note while visiting friends that this type of lifestyle was somewhat exceptional. In recent years, I have lamented that I did not make more of an effort to learn these skills. While I spent a lot of time doing my own crafting on the floor while watching my mothers foot press down on the sewing machine’s pedal; hovering over (while, really below) her marble slab while she kneaded bread; and weeding upon request, I never really asked for lessons. I certainly picked up a lot through osmosis but I was never exactly an apprentice.

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Transition Town

Transition Shuffle Bus

A few weeks ago I attended an inspirational event, Working Groups: Cultivating Action, hosted by Transitions Victoria. I was enjoying my Saturday morning coffee while reading FOCUS magazine, and looking forward to a day of leisure with my sweetheart. That was, until I read an article about Transitions Victoria. Within an hour I was on a bus downtown to make the 11:45 registration. I was motivated to connect with other people about something I am very passionate about. As a somewhat introverted perfectionist with a few lingering social anxieties, I am not often motivated by an opportunity that involves public speaking, group work and crowds. However, it my strong belief that what we need more than anything else is community collaboration around issues of sustainability, and this belief is beginning to overshadow self-centered insecurities. My cause is becoming larger than myself, yet the ironic surprise is that I am perhaps benefited by this most of all.

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