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Holga experiment

In my last Holga post I mentioned that you could step up the DIY by scanning your own negatives without investing in an expensive film scanner. GoHolga has a brief tutorial on how to do this with b&w negatives. Last weekend for Mathieu‘s 30th birthday we rented a little studio on Hornby Island and, as usual, we took a lot of photos. I experimented with my Holga and took two rolls of 120 colour film. When we got home, I was eager to see the results, so I tried the flatbed trick with my colour film just for fun. The results were interesting, though not nearly high-quality enough. It is a great way to preview shots to decide which to digitize. I will be processing the colour slides to do the photos justice, but for now I will share the process and the resulting nostalgic b&w images.

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my world through a plastic lens

I’m really happy with my first two test rolls from my little Holga – Now that I know what it can do, I’m really looking forward to experimenting with more film! You can see all of the results in my Holga set on Flickr, but here is a sneak peak:

Point Hope

The lovely Mat Henley at Point Hope Shipyards, Vic West

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