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Holga experiment

In my last Holga post I mentioned that you could step up the DIY by scanning your own negatives without investing in an expensive film scanner. GoHolga has a brief tutorial on how to do this with b&w negatives. Last weekend for Mathieu‘s 30th birthday we rented a little studio on Hornby Island and, as usual, we took a lot of photos. I experimented with my Holga and took two rolls of 120 colour film. When we got home, I was eager to see the results, so I tried the flatbed trick with my colour film just for fun. The results were interesting, though not nearly high-quality enough. It is a great way to preview shots to decide which to digitize. I will be processing the colour slides to do the photos justice, but for now I will share the process and the resulting nostalgic b&w images.

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my world through a plastic lens

I’m really happy with my first two test rolls from my little Holga – Now that I know what it can do, I’m really looking forward to experimenting with more film! You can see all of the results in my Holga set on Flickr, but here is a sneak peak:

Point Hope

The lovely Mat Henley at Point Hope Shipyards, Vic West

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A Camera for the People


A Holga 120CFN

Last August, I picked up a Holga 120S camera on a day of garage sale cruising by bicycle. It cost me the grand sum of  50 cents. The guy a bought it from said it had very few light leaks, but he hadn’t used it in a while. I couldn’t believe my luck – I was delighted!

[<— image by kat…]

I first became aware of toy cameras when I met my photographer boyfriend, Mat Henley, back in the summer of 2008. Not long after that, I noticed that local small business owner and photographer Ken Gordon has made his tiny café, street level espresso, a shrine to toy cameras – he even has cameras, accessories and books for sale in the tiny 400 square foot space. Ken teaches workshops on photography and was recently behind an exhibit showcasing local toy camera photography at Luz gallery. While waiting for ken to make my Americano one afternoon, I overheard a woman telling him that an elementary school aged friend of hers had submitted her photos. I really perked up when I heard that kids were producing art with these cheap, plastic cameras!

Now, I realize the Holga and toy cameras in general may seem an unlikely subject for TFP. After all, these plastic cameras are manufactured in China on an assembly line from the cheapest materials available. Still, I hope you will hear me out when I explain why I think Holgas are fantastic and liberating and do belong here.

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